Sarah grew up on the east coast of Australia, devouring books to either ‘escape the boredom of rural living’ or ‘hide from the mean streets of the suburban ghetto’. Whilst these settings are somewhat contradictory, they are both- even if slightly exaggerated- true.


Sarah moved to Perth, Western Australia when she was 18, where she went to university (initially studying film, but ended up graduating in PR) and sought out adventures in the ‘Wild West’.


She eventually began to pursue stand-up comedy, becoming a State Finalist in the Raw Comedy competition in 2011, and the co-winner of ‘Best Newcomer’ at Rottofest that same year. She has since written, produced and performed 3 solo comedy shows; ‘The Good German’, ‘Most Likely To Succeed’ and ‘FIFO WIFO’- none of these feature on Netflix.


After ‘FIFO WIFO’, Sarah has taken a much-desired hiatus from stand-up comedy in order to pursue other creative endeavours, such as writing books, poems and stories, as well as trying to get back to having a regular bed-time. However, she does miss the instant gratification of interaction with a live audience and will hopefully make a return to the stage soon.

She lives in Albany, Western Australia, with her partner and daughter, still adores the escapism of reading, but also loves the beach, going to the movies, the theatre, eating Yum Cha or sushi, as well as ice-skating and aquarobics.

She released her first book, a collection of Haiku, "6222 Syllables" in 2019. 

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